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Payment Plan

Personalized Payment Plan

As Oguzhan Construction, we prepare personalized payment plans for our esteemed customers in order not to enter into any material taxation.

In this way, when you buy your house, we determine the most appropriate payment method and arrange a payment period accordingly

We are able to offer you low interest rate credit in our own structure and thus we can bring different alternatives apart from banks

Project Introduction & Selection

Detailed information is given about our projects with our office or virtual environment. The most suitable project in line with the demands and requests of our customers is selected by presenting them on the site.

Tapu Procedure Tracking

After the payments are completed by the buyer, our office is contacted by our valued customers and preparation works are started for the title deed.

Electricity And Water Subscription

After the deed transactions are completed, the subscription process is collected by applying the required documents according to the demands of our customers or by making the necessary guidance and information.

Turnkey (End Of The All Process)

Our references are the references of the years. We are proud of delivering our projects with the latest technology and developments, including fine workmanship.


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